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Welcome to The Swansea EMA

The newly reorganized Emergency Management Agency (EMA) has experienced a very productive and busy year. The primary mission of the EMA is to provide assistance to our first responders and all town departments and agencies as necessary in the protection of life and property in the event of an emergency, disaster or crises situation. This is accomplished through a program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Guided by these four principles, EMA continues to make great strides in its effort to improve emergency preparedness in our town.

Attached to the Police and Fire Departments, the Office of Emergency Management works with appropriate municipal departments as well as various volunteer, private, state and federal agencies to respond quickly and effectively to provide continuity of services to the public.

In the area of strategic planning, the EMA is currently working with all town departments, agencies and affiliates to coordinate a plan of action should an incident occur that requires their respective resources. To date, we are actively developing and implementing plans and strategies. The extraordinary response by our community leaders was recently recognized by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) for our diligent work in laying the foundation for the acceptance and practice of hazard mitigation and prevention strategies.

In addition to strategic planning, the EMA has also made great progress in the area of emergency preparedness. The development and deployment of the Agency's new Field Operations Unit mobile response vehicle as featured in local media publications and press releases has greatly improved the communication channel between EMA, Police, Fire, EMS and all town officials along with the citizens it serves to assist. This high technology vehicle provides a useful resource to all departments and agencies.

The Field Operations Unit includes a complete radio station and dispatch center with nine two-way radios covering all municipal, state and federal government frequencies. A complete amateur "ham" radio station is part of the communication center. The compliment of equipment includes forty portable radios along with a flat screen LCD television and DVD player. A laptop computer is incorporated into a wireless broadband Internet connection including a Global Positioning System (GPS) with aerial satellite imaging and street mapping for coordination of large scale events. The vehicle also serves as a "WI-FI" hotspot to distribute high-speed Internet access to surrounding computers at the scene of an event.

The Field Operations Unit incorporates a secure digital telephone, fax, color printer, page scanner and copier onboard to manage and control vital documentation and its distribution. The vehicle includes a 7550-watt generator to power all of the above equipment in addition to 4000 watts of exterior flood lighting. An installed beverage cooler, microwave oven and hot water brewer provide a mix of hot and cold beverages. A cache of batteries and flashlights are kept onboard for emergency use.

Since its deployment it has served the Police Department during a severe storm when the emergency generator at the police station failed to start. The vehicle was called in to provide the emergency power necessary to power that station until the operation of the department's generator was restored.

The unit was dispatched most recently when police stopped three suspects on Maple Avenue and one suspect fled (presumed armed). The Field Operations Unit was called in to serve as a command post and with its equipment served as added eyes for the State Police helicopter, which was also deployed to the scene. Several police officers have volunteered to help our agency in addition to their normal responsibilities.

The Field Operations Unit was called on for two Fire Department training exercises, which included a simulated fire at the former Apex store in the Swansea Mall and most recently for an ice rescue training exercise at the Swansea Dam. Several firefighters have volunteered to help our agency in addition to their normal activities.

Over the past year, the volunteers of EMA and firefighters have assisted several families who have experienced basement flooding. Pumps were utilized to assist the stranded citizens in their time of need.

As our agency continues to mature, many of our disaster mitigation strategies and other useful resources will be enhanced. While much has been accomplished, as the Town's coordinating agency during a disaster, the EMA remains dedicated to finding additional ways to prepare and protect our citizens in the years ahead.